What people say

Steve, June 2016

I was drinking your ‘Knot Just Another IPA’ at the World Egg Throwing Championships yesterday……very nice, and the first beer to sell out.

Drayman’s Son Ely, March 2016

The Stout Robin went very very well, it sold quickly and received a lot of praise.

Duncan, February 2016

As you know your beers were the first to be tried at the Shadingfield Fox Real Ale Club. As a dark ale drinker I would to tell you how very much I enjoyed the Stout Robin, it tasted and smelt absolutely fantastic.
Best wishes. Duncan

Julian, January 2016

The beers at Christmas were great. I knew I was going to like the Kiwi, but it was the Knot that really blew me away, what a gorgeous pint!

Alex, Dark Bunny Tees, January 2016

Finally trying one of my birthday ales. Friends local brewery Jo C’s Norfolk Ale and it’s very, very nice indeed!

Julie Abbs Catering, December 2015

Loved my Jo C’s mini Keg this Christmas, now making bread with the dregs!

Mark, December 2015

Had 2 lovely beers from this brewery today. I highly recommend it if you see it in your pub.

Charlie, December 2015

I have now had two small home sized barrels which my daughter has purchased from the Earlham Arms in Norwich & enjoyed very much, as a drinker I consider the best IPA I have tasted of which I have tried a few.

Keith, February 2015

I have now had two small home sized barrels which my daughter has purchased from the Earlham Arms in Norwich & enjoyed very much, as a drinker I consider the best IPA I have tasted of which I have tried a few.

Richard, January 2015

Just to let you know that the Norfolk Kiwi went down very well at Christmas. It tasted glorious.

Jamie, September 2014

Hello, I recently tried your beer (Kiwi) at the Holkham Hall food festival and loved it! I have since tried the others and also love your IPA. Keep up the brewing, lovely lovely beers 🙂

Alex, September 2014

I recently purchased a cask of your ‘knot Just another IPA’ and wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed it – all of our guests mentioned how nice it was to find a very decent locally brewed ale and we hope to enjoy your ale again at our events in the future.

Terry, September 2014

Just arrived home after an amazing three-day wedding celebration! The Norfolk Kiwi went down extremely well with many compliments from some of the seasoned beer aficionados present at the Friday BBQ. Thanks so much for your co-operation and producing such a wonderful beer. I hope to sample it again perhaps at the Crown in Wells or perhaps Brancaster!

Peterborough Beer Festival, August 2014

Norfolk Kiwi receives the Gold Award in the ‘bitter’ category.

Bob, August 2014

The Kiwi has proved to be very popular, and the IPA also very good indeed. Keep brewing your excellent beers!

Patrick, July 2014

Re: Beer for party – Hi Jo, the beers went down extremely well. Thank you!

Rachel, April 2014

My brother is absolutely delighted with the 12-bottle gift pack I sent him for his birthday and was enjoying a bottle of Knot Just Another IPA when he rang to thank me for his present. Many thanks for your excellent service and tasty beers.

Simon Mayo and Nigel Barden, Radio 2 – Foodie Thursday, 16th January 2014

SM: It’s very IPA-ish (Knot Just Another IPA), but it’s got some toffee in there… NB: I was going to say honey… it’s great beer that she makes (Jo)

Michele, 2nd December 2013

Got the beer and love it, will be sampling with the neighbours!

Richard, 11th September 2013

Glad to see you use my comment on website! Recently retasted Bustard with friends, and confirmed it outstanding.

Matthew, 16th July 2013

Re: Wedding Ale – The beer went down very well indeed, thank you very much… spot on.

Neil, 15th July 2013

Hi Jo Just a quick note to say thanks very much for the beer for the wedding, lots of people commented how nice it was and it was all gone by the end of the night , so definitely a good sign! Thanks again.

Dean, 14th July 2013

Jo Just finished a keg after a weekend in Wells……..very nice!

Tom, 8th July 2013

I picked up a mini keg of Norfolk kiwi last weekend from a nice deli in wells next the sea. finaly got round to sampling it and a very nice light ale it is ideal for this warm weather.

Mick, April 2013

Just finished a 5l barrel. One of the tastiest beers I have had!

Gerry, Surrey, March 2013

How could I not order a pint of Bitter Old Bustard when I saw the pump in the Crown at Wells?
It shone out amongst the [otherwise excellent] Adnams on offer in the area.
It was a perfect (for me) blend of sharp, fresh flavours to go with a delicious roast beef and vegetables pie – even my wife liked it.
I now have something extra to look forward to on our next trip to north Norfolk (like the Kiwi for comparison).

Keep up the fine work.

Malcolm, December 2012

Dear Josie.
Bought a couple mini casks of “Old Bustard ” from the Norfolk Ale Farm at the back of Wells-next-the-Sea, really enjoyed the ale , you’re doing a fine job, keep up the good work, you keep brewing it i’ll keep drinking it!

Clive, Online Order Customer

Hi Jo,
I hope you are well. Kiwis were received with thanks. Both were settled, opened and very much enjoyed thank you. No doubt future orders from me will be forthcoming!
Happy new year

Jason, August 2012

Hello Jo,

I have just come back from Wells-next-the-sea with a keg of Norfolk Kiwi after drinking a couple of pints at the Crown. My father-in-law and one of my good friends (in NZ) are both Kiwis which is why I chose it. What a tasty pint! Just finishing off the keg. Bit sad as I don’t know when I’ll get to drink any again.

Richard, Cambridge

Congrats on excellent beer!
Bustard is favourite of whole festival for me…Where are my nearest stocks to Cambridge, apart from Norfolk?

Brian, Huddersfield

Hi there,
Just thought I’d let you know that I really enjoyed the Norfolk Kiwi mini cask a friend bought for me after a holiday in Norfolk.

I’ve been drinking real ale for many years now and thought I’d let you know that yours is the best I’ve ever had at home.

I’ll certainly be buying some more on my next trip to Norfolk. Have you any plans to sell it in West Yorkshire?


My wife and I recently spent a couple of nights at the Crown Inn in East Rudham – which was very enjoyable. Whilst there I had to have some local beer and was very impressed with the Kiwi.

I decided to take home a mini cask [5 litres] of Kiwi as we were having a Jubilee street party on the 3 June. Although the weather was not good for our party the your beer was spot on.

All the real ale drinkers had a pint – only four of us – and enjoyed it very much. I thought it was the best beer of our day and kept a couple of pints for the next day. I would like to be able to order some when your on – line shop is up and running.

Mrs Bennett

Mrs Bennet has lunch at the Crown Inn, East Rudham every week always accompanied by 2 halfs of ‘Norfolk Kiwi’ – ‘she simply loves it!

From ‘Trip Advisor’

“this place is all about great food, lovely ale (recommend Chris’s wife’s own brew of ‘Norfolk Kiwi Ale’, cosy atmosphere and good friendly service. We will book again next year, maybe at one of his other Kiwi Inns!”

Comment from The Crown Inn, East Rudham

The Vine Thai Restaurant

“Thank you so much for brewing such lovely beers. I am so pleased that I have found you, it has taken me 2 years!

I tried Norfolk kiwi at the beer festival in St.Andrews Hall Norwich, in year 2010. Amazing a lady brewing the beer ( fantastic ) hope you are doing well and very successful in the future”

Aey ( The Vine)

Branthill Farm Real Ale Shop

“We took Amber, to celebrate her birthday, to The Crown at Rudham and I tried your new beer – it was really delicious, congratulations. Tell Chris the meal was pretty good too !”

Teddy Maufe owner of the Branthill Farm Real Ale shop

The Ship Hotel Brancaster

“I leave the company on Monday but I wish you all the best with the beer – I very much enjoy both bitters and think it’s pretty impressive you’ve won awards (and the popularity for it) already. Keep up the good work”

Josh (The Ship Hotel, Brancaster)