Sustainable delivery of beer under sail to Bank House

On Saturday 6th October Barsham Brewery will be sustainably delivering their beer order for Bank House hotel in King’s Lynn by sail, through the Coastal Exploration Company, on the last remaining wooden whelk boat built there in 1950.

The Coastal Exploration Company (CEC) are reviving the delivery of cargo under sail, promoting carbon free transportation along the sea and rivers of Norfolk. This delivery echoes the traditions of the Hanseatic League, who traded under sail throughout the North Sea, with King’s Lynn as an important port and trading town. Bank House was pivotal in organizing cargo and traders during the sea trading period and so will play a similar role. It has also been described as ‘one of the finest houses in King’s Lynn’ and is perfectly situated for delivery along the water, close to the Custom House and the Purfleet.

The consignment of craft beers will travel from Barsham Brewery to Wells-next-the-Sea by electric van, to be loaded onto one of Coastal Exploration’s traditional Norfolk fishing boats. The boat will depart at 16:30 on Friday 5th October and sail along the North Norfolk Coast and down the Ouse, arriving on the Purfleet quay side in King’s Lynn at around 5pm on Saturday 6thOctober, from where it will be delivered by handcart to Bank House.

The purpose of the exercise is to look again at traditional delivery methods, and raise awareness of sustainable sea transport as an option, whilst preserving and working the last remaining King’s Lynn built wooden whelk boat (built in the Worfolk boat yard in 1950). It is hoped that we can continue to deliver our Barsham Beer on a monthly basis to Wells and Kings Lynn in this fashion.

Visit Bank House, King’s Lynn
Visit Coastal Exploration website.