Stout Robin brings seasonal cheer for fans of Jo C’s!

People are constantly asking me if I’m planning to add to my range of ales, so this Christmas I decided to brew a ‘limited edition’ seasonal special in the shape of Stout Robin, just to prove I’m more than a three-trick pony! With an ABV of 4.6%, Stout Robin, a traditional full-bodied dark stout brewed with a rich blend of roasted malts and English hops to give a balanced blend of bitterness and spicy berry aroma, was made in casks only for distribution to my ever-growing coterie of discerning landlords. I named my latest brew after the little Robin who sits on the red brick wall outside my brewery door. He appears most active during the winter months from November to March, exactly the time period my stout was available for. Stout Robin seemed a particularly appropriate name, what with the little red-breasted thrushes, which are aggressively territorial, recently winning a poll to find the UK’s national bird. Traditionally the word stout meant “proud” or “brave”, later being used as a fitting sobriquet for dark beers.