Jo C’s hits the national headlines!

Well, nobody can say I haven’t done my bit for the brewing industry, and more importantly, birds who brew! Thanks to my friends at CAMRA I appeared on Nicky Campbell’s breakfast programme on BBC Five Live this morning (Thursday 12th September). Nicky wanted to talk about the ever increasing number of ladies making a living from the brewing industry, and luckily someone at Real Ale HQ put his researchers on to me. As a result 5 Live’s charming East Anglian correspondent Stephen Chittenden rocked up to my brewery at 8am today to get the lowdown on why girls make such top brewsters. The lovely Stephen name-checked all three of my beers without me having to twist his arm and dutifully tucked into a bottle of Norfolk Kiwi off air as I chatted live to Nicky. Guess what? He loved it! I was able to wax lyrical about why babes know their oats – or more accurately their hops – when it comes to making beer, and why north Norfolk was such a mecca for brewing due to its beautiful malting barley. So, first BBC Norfolk, now Five Live! It just goes to show that babes who brew can also broadcast 🙂