Happy days at Holkham

This year’s North Norfolk Food & Drink Festival at Holkham Hall just a few miles up the ‘Dry Road’ from Jo C’s brewery was once again a fantastic success. Luckily we were blessed with great weather on both days but the Sunday was particularly busy with more than 6,000 visitors, most of whom – judging by the enormous pile of empty casks and bottles we’d amassed – took the opportunity to enjoy a drop of local ale. My helpers Kate, Daisy, Troupy and I got through eight casks over a 48-hour period and were also cleaned out of bottles, necessitating a quick dash back to HQ for a re-supply by van on the Sunday. Thanks to everyone who came and had a drink and a chat and particularly thank you for all your lovely comments about my beer. Boy was it a tiring weekend though! You can read the Lynn News & Advertiser’s report on the festival here.