Crisp Malting Group Barley walk

On July 12th I was invited to join the Crisp Malting Group Barley walk. The day was a great opportunity to look at this years crop, learn more about different varieties and learn about the introduction and development of the breeders role in developing new varieties and the trialling process.

As well as a lovely day walking in the North Norfolk countryside I learnt that a new variety has to be no more than 50% of the parent, and it takes 10 years from crossing the barley until bringing it to market. Winter barley is used for feed and malting/brewing, the 6 row for feed and the 2 row for malting and brewing, spring barley is all 2 row.

This years Maris Otter is thankfully looking much improved to this time last year! Harvest is due to begin in a couple of weeks and 2012 promises a good yield for farmers, maltsters and brewers. Thank you Crisp Maltings for and very informative and enjoyable day.