Stout Robin

4.6% ABV

Tasting Notes

Named after the gentleman that likes to sit on the red brick wall outside the estate office door, Stout Robin is a traditional, full-bodied, dark stout brewed with a rich blend of roasted malts and English hops to give a balanced blend of bitterness and spicy berry aroma. The Robin was voted the UKs’ favourite bird and is aggressively territorial. Originally the word ‘stout’ meant “proud” or “brave”, it was then later used to describe beer as “strong”.

Stout Robin is available in firkins, pins, bottles, a 10 litre Demi Poly Pin (17.5 pint beer in a box) and the 20 litre Poly Pin (35 pint beer in a box).

Please contact us for details.

Allergen advice

Contains Malted Barley (Gluten)