The Barsham Brewery

Tucked away in a corner of rural North Norfolk, the family-run West Barsham Estate is home to The Barsham Brewery, a new and exciting craft brewery with deep roots in the heritage and richness of the land it is built on.

Susanna Soames’s family have owned and farmed the land at West Barsham for generations. In an area renowned for its top quality agricultural soil, North Norfolk’s sea air and micro-climate help us produce some of the best malting barley in the world. At West Barsham, we grow Maris Otter Barley, a grain favoured by brewers across the country. Malted just down the road at Crisp Maltings and then blended with beautifully pure water from our own well, we are very proud to be the purveyors of a homegrown product in the truest sense.

You’ll find our commitment to our family business and pride in what we do across every element of our new enterprise. We specialise in wholesome, traditional beer styles with a real focus on quality and consistency. Our signature blue and brown bottles were inspired by Susanna’s Great Grandfather’s racing colours from his days as a successful racehorse owner in the 1930’s, and our beers are named after significant places and personalities (human and animal!) that have marked life on the West Barsham estate for over 100 years.

Available in casks, mini casks and bottles, our collection of craft beers is evolving as we expand the business to grow our range and bring you more. What you’ll always find, however, is a beautifully brewed, honest beer steeped in the heritage of our home and the richness of the land. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do.

Find out more information and tasting notes on our beers, Barsham Oaks, Mr Shanks, Norfolk Kiwi, Bitter Old Bustard, Knot Just Another IPA and Stout Robin.

Barsham Oaks
NEW. Mr Shanks
Norfolk Kiwi
Bitter Old Bustard
Knot Just Another IPA
Stout Robin



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CAMRA Norwich Beer Festival 2015


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